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Collaboration and Partnership working: 



Co-Chaired the Train the Trainer Conference at The Royal College of Surgeons, London 2015

VEIN TRAIN LTD Supports NIVAS because we need a national voice for all things vein!  Sarah Phillips MD has worked with previous board members for over a decade. She is now delighted to continue to build the relationship with NIVAS and support the organisation in work stream and awareness.  Please join NIVAS, the price is only £30 and for that you receive an annual subscription to the BJN and many courses and events.  Join NIVAS and be part of standardising and sharing expetise in the UK and sharing the fantastic things we do on an international arena!  The Structured learning programme Sarah has led for over 10 years could only have happened with the right networks.  Sarah says "I wish there had been a NIVAS when we started the book so we could have got it out sooner"  

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Take a look at our friends in Jacksonville - They believe in simple low cost training solutions too:  This one is ideal for students, unusal limb postions, vets.   

Real-time subjective and recorded objective feedback measures - 



  • Haptic feedback: Simulated skin provides a realistic feel and “pop” with catheter/needle insertion. Simulated vessels feel like they’re rolling and “pop” at cannulation.
  • Visual feedback: Artificial blood in a flashback with proper vessel cannulation.
  • Auditory feedback (with RLSimApp): A tone signals IV catheter insertion too deep causing potential injury.
  • Recorded skills performance measures with RLSimApp include: Time and date stamped outcomes with embedded sensors tracking each IV catheter insertion that goes beyond depth of vessel. App real-time audio recordings for individual and team communication skills development, with cloud syncing and secure remote instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback





iveeyeWe are delighted to work in collaboration with IV Eye Novarix.  We have one of these devices to view at your course and if you decide to purchase it after being introduced to it by VeinTrain then quote VeinTrain when you order for an exclusive rate!  This VeinViewer should be part of your  choices so that you can offer the best for your patients, depending on their needs.  Sarah Phillips our MD likes it because it is small, compact and relatively inexpensive.  


Contact us for your VeinTrain Discount Voucher code to get our exclusive rate - 0845213 0266 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Introducing Vacuderm!  The vein preparation device of choice for VeinTrain. This is definitely a tool of choice for vein selection and preparation. The vacuum system literally pumps up the veins so you can see them and they are firmer and more easy to access.  We have these on VeinTrain days and call us for Exclusive VeinTrain rates with our Partner organisation, Obleron who make Vacuderm. 

Its patented key feature is a vacuum pump that amplifies its tourniquet effect through a suction and pump mechanism, and makes the vein more tense and hence easier to achieve venous access, be it with an IV catheter or a blood sampling kit. Vacuderm™ is a pain saving, cost saving, time saving and face saving quick release disposable tourniquet. In A&E where time is by essence critical, it may also be life saving. Vacuderm™ is a patented class 1, single use, non sterile medical device. An animation explaining the mode of function of the Vacuderm™ can be seen here. A Video explaining the method of use for the Vacuderm™ can be seen here.

Contact us for your VeinTrain Discount Voucher code to get our exclusive rate - 0845213 0266 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.