VEIN TRAIN LTD Supports NIVAS because we need a national voice for all things vein!  Sarah Phillips MD has worked with previous board members for over a decade. She is now delighted to continue to build the relationship with NIVAS and support the organisation in work stream and awareness.  VeinTrain and NIVAS co-led a Train the Trainer event at the Royal College of Surgeons, London. Click here to see more 

Please join NIVAS, the price is only £30 and for that you receive an annual subscription to the BJN and many courses and events.  Join NIVAS and be part of standardising and sharing expetise in the UK and sharing the fantastic things we do on an international arena!  The Structured learning programme Sarah has led for over 10 years could only have happened with the right networks.  Sarah says "I wish there had been a NIVAS when we started the book so we could have got it out sooner"  



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Together we can make things better for our colleagues behind us, for better outcomes.  These skills remain the most practised in healthcare, yet the complacency around them around them continues.  


Join us to share and jointly determine how we continue to build a strong way forward and remain resillient in a cash strapped NHS.


Expertise NIVAS/VeinTrain Study Day

on  12th October 2015,

Royal College of Surgeons, London



What we covered!

us for this free study day, so we can help you improve practice.
Our speakers include:  
Dr Lisa Dougherty OBE (The Royal Marsden)
Jackie Nicholson (NIVAS Chair)
Andrew Barton (NIVAS Board)
Sarah Phillips, MD VeinTrain
  The speakers are leading clinicians who are giving their time to share their best kept secrets. NIVAS has sponsored this event for their members so it is FREE of charge to NIVAS members.
The day will begin with leading speakers who will be sharing insights, challenges and lessons learnt.  The afternoon session is filled with practical workshops, generating lively discussion with some of your favorite vein experts!

Topics include;


  • Models of training delivery – what works best for you?
  • Cannulation over the decades – followed by an open discussion workshop
  • Taking forward new technologies, corporate engagement, sharing patient and colleague stories.  
  • Uncovering what works in training - Two training projects 15 years apart.  Uncovering what Sarah learned in her achievement from a 40% rate to 98% competency rate.  This is compared to current project training all nurses at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and Kings College London Medical
  • Communications – How do you take the opportunity to spread the word of what you are doing professionally? This informal workshop will enable you to understand and deliver


Doing and thinking, what clinicians do best!

Selection of 3 out of 4 Workshops
All sessions will include discussion and highlights on mistakes that have been seen so you can prevent then in your training and cascade of learning.
Paulette Bassan and Sarah Phillips VeinTrain Team:-
Psychomotor Control using the Vein Train Veins – You will take one of these away for free on the day.  We will show you how we use them and how they have revolutionized how we can train so many, so well.  Using a visualizer, cheap simulation models.  It is all about experience.

Andrew Barton:-
VeinViewer –Let’s look at your veins – some way to go but already useful, in training use for vein patency. This technology is proving very useful for teaching and vessel health assessment.  You can see this for yourself.

Lisa Dougherty:-
One handed cannulation and discussion on what key things to ensure in your hospital training and policy and how to set standards by role modeling.

Jackie Nicholson, Steve Marsh and Sarah Phillips:-
Taking the fear out of using mixed Media to share the work you do – Jackie, Sarah and Steve Marsh of Marsh Media will co-chair this session.

Key Speakers, Clinicians and Trainers who will be present on the day:-

  • Jackie Nicholson (NIVAS Chair) a Consultant Nurse in Vascular Access at St George’s Hospital in London. She trained at the Middlesex Hospital and came into her current role from a background in intensive care nursing and practice development. Jackie has previously set up a PICC and midline insertion service at a district general hospital and is particularly interested in infection prevention in relation to IV therapy in the community.
  • Andrew Barton (NIVAS Board) Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Vascular Access and IV Therapy at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. Andrew oversees a vascular access and OPAT team over 3 sites.
  • Dr Lisa Dougherty RN DClinP OBE (The Royal Marsden)
  • Sarah Phillips BA MA Dip N (Managing Director Vein Train Ltd) Has worked as a nurse for over 20 years. A clinical background of Emergency Nursing led to seven years in Corporate Nursing at a top London NHS Foundation Trust. Sarah worked for the Director of Nursing and Director of Clinical Skills Service (Imperial College School of Medicine) as Lead Nurse Multi-professional Practice Education. She developed the Clinical Skills Service for the Trust from 1999-2006. Sarah founded Vein Train in 2007.
  • Paulette Bassan (Vein Train Lead Trainer) Paulette’s nursing career began 36 years ago. 18 years were spent within the Learning and Development Department of a large NHS Trust as Assessor, Trainer, Clinical Skills Educator and Education Advisor.
  • Steve Marsh (Vein Train Media Trainer) Steve works at the woodland Trust encouraging the whole organisation to spread the word. He has interviewed many people on the TV he is going to motivate you to spread the NIVAS word in your own Trust.


Over 60% of admitted patients will need intravenous therapy

15 million patients are admitted per year


Sarah Phillips MD Vein Train Ltd is working in partnership with NIVAS to lead this work forward.  Sarah has been immersed in the education of multi-professional groups in vascular access for 17 years. Working at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust leading forward change in nursing and medical school training.  2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of the first print of the Structured Learning Programme – Venepuncture and Cannulation, with now 70,000 booklets in use on its 3rd edition.  

Sarah published the book Venepuncture and Cannulation in 2011 and set up Vein Train Ltd in 2008 which has grown from strength to strength, based on a business model that allows good value but high quality training with the ethos sharing of expertise.

We intend to share what we know works and does not work.  There will be some theory in the morning, a lunch and all the equipment we have to show you how we use it to help us share our expertise.

Dr Lisa Dougherty, OBE
Venepuncture and cannulation – teaching over the decades Lisa has courageously challenged practice and used expertise to go against research.

Andrew Barton, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in IV Therapy and OPAT has taken forward an odd looking piece of equipment and it has worked.  It has also helped with vein selection.  He has done it and is sharing with you some of his secrets to get the funding.  

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