We used this method with NHS Direct to successfully train 200 nurses in 3 skills sets in just 8 weeks.  The success of this was because the webinars were so flexible while it felt like you were in the same room!  The nurses could then do Venepuncture and Cannulation and Intravenous Therapy Practice labs on one day! We are delighted to offer this to individuals booking as we think you will enjoy it and the ease of access of webinars generally for updating your knowledge.

I could tell you had worked in Management at a high calibre NHS Trust as the proposal was the best I had seen, so I put it on the procurement portal.  We think it is best you spend time sharing your work rather than bidding for it!"

Virgina Desalou, Director of Procurement, NHS Direct

"Best training ever attended!"......"The nurses came and found me to tell me!"
Coral Peczek, Learning and Development Lead, NHS Direct