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The programme was  developed by a group of healthcare professionals with an interest and expertise in venepuncture and cannulation. The aim of the project was to provide a standardised approach towards training and assessment in order to encourage the use of these skills by well trained and appropriately placed members of the healthcare team.

Currently there are 70,000 in use and orders continue. We estimate that, (based on 4 a week) over 14.5 million improved patient outcomes have been achieved by clinicians supporting a standardised approach with this tool.  It was endorsed by NIVAS - National Intravenous and Vascular Access Society in 2008.  It is simple it works and people who recognise it allow clinicians to transfer skills without the need for retraining.  The OSCE document and transfer tool make this easier.  We have now compacted the booklet to pocket size so you can have your Vein and booklet ready.  WE have an app in mind but we still like ink!!!! Its good to see workings, however it is under construction following support from investors and sponsors who want to drive these skills forward in a better way ( did we mention there is a 50% failure rate in canulation! (2018)  Join us in changing that buy the book .  If you order enough, contribute enough then we pass any savings on so, unusally your comitment to the project will see a reduce in outlay of £££ $$$. 

 The pathway to competency is designed for multi-professional use and will provide learners with a structured, simple, but robust method of gaining competence and knowledge in venepuncture and/or cannulation, upon adult patients. Whilst the programme has been developed primarily for use within adult patient care, it can be adapted by healthcare organisations and specialities, to encompass competency achievement within specialised care areas, such as paediatrics and neonates. Once completed, the learner will have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, with a record of their personal skill development, which can be recognised and therefore enable transfer of these skills across healthcare organisations.

 The Authors of This Version: (References amended in 2018)

Sarah Phillips (MD and Organisation Consultant). Former Lead Nurse, Multi-Professional Practice Education Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Lisa Dougherty OBE (Nurse Consultant IV Therapy), The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Annie de Verteuil (Senior Clinical Skills Trainer), Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Reading

Mary Collins (Lecturer Practitioner), Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St Mary's Hospital


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26th February 2018 IV Therapy, Nottingham

"Very impressed with the course tutor and learning material.  Pleased I have attended, felt like I have learned"

"I liked the small group and varied ways of teaching inc exam/practical/discussion/quiz etc."

Managing Director, RN, Paramedic Training Co., Summer 2016

I just wanted to thank you and especially Paulette for an excellent course yesterday in Nottingham. I must say Paulette was a very skilled, experienced and professional trainer with a soft but firm manner. She expertly guided the conversation to learning points that related to the different work streams of the group, using her experience in the clinical field to support the students in their individual learning goals. A big thank you for a professional day.

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